Global Capital Manufacturing Valves For The Heart

The economy of the region flows when the elderly use their resources in health matters, for example the famous dental implants in Mexico and the heart valves. Through this transcatheter heart valve, which is constituted from the porcine heart Pericardium, it is not necessary to perform open-heart surgeries, which significantly reduces the risks during the operative and postoperative processes. Older people are the ones who spend their money more on medical matters because they prefer to spend their money to extend their lives, make it of higher quality or that money they did not spend on consent now they want to invest in them since they no longer have so many obligations

In the same sense, detailed that the procedures to manufacture the devices is complex, since the fabric is subjected to a chemical process, then the sewing of up to 20 hours adding this fabric to a base of Nitinol, which puts first the precision and effort of the workers.

Aimed at the manufacture of 1,400 valves a week, however, before the end of the year it was possible to improve production to 1,600 in that period, with a staff of 800 people in the area of tissue.

It is a 100 percent handmade process, manual, where the operator under a microscope works, where a single stitch can not fail because the valve would no longer work.

Lhe demand of the medical sector increased worldwide, which put pressure on the operation of the company, however, thanks to the coordination and commitment of the staff it was possible to exceed the goal, generating important achievements for the entire corporate

He also stated that Medtronic Mexico is currently developing valves that work for open heart procedures, in addition to pulmonary valves, so the total current weekly average production amounts to two thousand devices and it is projected to reach the 2500 devices next year.

Finally, The company employs five thousand people in various areas, which have been essential for it to be positioned within the sector of medical products, which according to experts is at the forefront of the regional industry.

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